17. April – 09. May 2021

Sofia Livotov – Soprano

Since I was a child, nature has always been a great source of inspiration for me. In my professional life, the repertoire I perform as a classical singer is strongly influenced by it, and I am convinced that if we can manage to protect our environment, we can also offer the arts a prosperous future. Because without both, humanity will not be able to survive.

As a musician, I am constantly trying to raise awareness for climate change through my performances, social media and by organising open discussions about sustainability in classical music. Since November 2020 I have been using Treeapp UK as well as the Ecosia search engine on daily basis and have been able to plant over 200 trees worldwide. I sincerely hope, through my actions, to inspire my audience and fellow colleagues to explore the possibilities of a sustainable lifestyle and together to protect the environment of our planet.
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Concert: Fair world, where are you?

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