17. April – 09. May 2021


BYOM Academy

The BYOM Academy offers a variety of career management and entrepreneurship courses for classical musicians. From the 12 week base course, to specialised workshops, individual coaching, group coaching and more.

Harmonic Progression

Harmonic Progression is a new grass-roots organisation inspiring more care for the planet and societies in the classical music world. It encourages people to take small steps by offering simple and meaningful ideas of what can be done to help.


HYBRYDA Pismo Artystyczno-Literackie  (Hybryda. Arts and Literary Magazine) is published by the POLART Association since 1999. The Magazine documents activities of the members of the Association and their accomplishments in the field of literature, music, fine arts, and also scientific achievements primarily in the field of humanities. The editor-in-chief Joanna Krupińska-Trzebiatowska is a writer and a poet, and the quality of the publication is supervised by the Scientific Council. The magazine aims to promote Polish culture and science.

Facebook: HybrydaPismo

Verein für Musik und Kunst Wien -
Network for Science, Music and Arts Vienna

The Verein für Musik und Kunst Wien – Network for Science, Music and Arts Vienna is an association in Vienna who promotes arts and culture, science and research throughout the world. It is also a network of artists and scientists, friends and connoisseurs of these arts.
Moreover it promotes a conscience of sustainability, environmental friendliness and economic viability in music, arts, culture and science and cares for children, disabled, poor, homeless and migrated people through the provision of, and engagement with, music, art, culture and science.

Facebook: vereinsmartsvienna