Benjamin Hewat-Craw

Benjamin Hewat-Craw, Baritone

Diego Collatti

Diego Collatti

Diego Marcelo Collatti is a composer and pianist born in Argentina. He has been living in Vienna for the last 20 years and has had his music published by Universal Edition, Vienna since 2003. Diego founded the quartet Minimal Tango with whom he made several recordings and tours throughout Europe and Asia. Concert premiere: Saturday 17th […]

Antonija Pacek – Pianist & Composer

My personal green mission is to keep the Earth green, as we need it for our good health and for our next generations! My human mission is to support those in great need; thus, I volunteered to play Community support concerts at the Geriatric home Rodaun in Vienna to touch the hearts of its residents […]

Arabella Brunner – Pianist & Composer

Music – to me – is not only a universal language but also a powerful tool to instantly evoke emotions in our listeners. Music holds the power to touch people on a deeper level, by circumventing the nature of the human mind. As a conscious musician, I use my ability to compose music on behalf […]

Dalina Ugarte – Violinist

For me, nature means life, music means life. Being in nature makes me happy, playing the violin makes me happy. During the last years, nature has been a very important source of inspiration for me as an artist. That´s why I have decided to give it something back: love, care and music. I strongly believe […]

Erika Cedeño – Violist

Erika Cedeño

I believe that as musicians we can have a more active role in society, helping others and creating spaces for union with our music. By Caring for the Earth, we create a space in harmony for ourselves and others. Concert: Latin American Soul

Johanna Kam – Pianist

We musicians are driven by the motivation to contribute to a better future, with a vision of sustainability. With our music, we aim to inspire and to move people to take action and make a difference, together. We are hopeful that we can create a greener future for the next generations, and make an impact […]

Francisca Bastos – Bassoon

Francisca Bastos

For me what connects music and caring for the environment is empathy. We make and listen to music because it touches and connects us.Empathy for others, for animals, for the environment… It’s a team effort. A few little good decisions every day, by everyone can heal the Earth and put us on a path to […]

Olga Rodon – Recorder Player

As musicians we have shown that things can be done distinctively: we have made our passion our job, and we have touched hearts withoutwords. Our environment is important because it’s a part of us. Keeping it clean means keeping humanity alive. Musicians know that doing things differently is not easy, but it’s worth it. My […]