17. April – 09. May 2021
Silent Opera

Silent Opera

Susanne Hehenberger – Composer & Violinist
Austrian Violinist Susanne Hehenberger dedicated her live to music both as a performing artist and teacher. As concertmaster of the Sinfonietta Da Camera Salzburg and one of the initiators of the Corona Concert Hall, she has played an active role in keeping music accessible via digital platforms during the Corona crisis. Organised by the Maria-Anna Mozart Gesellschaft of which Susanne is a member, the concert series “Frauenstimmen” promotes the works of female composers in Salzburg’s musical scene. With her Carreño String Quartet she brings music from the Viennese Classical Period to contemporary music. Her latest project is “Suddenly Shakespeare”: a cheerful reading with music about finding true love together. She is accompanied by the famous Austrian actors Adele Neuhauser and Christian Dolezal and Peter WesenAuer. Peter also composed the music and they will take this concert to the Musikverein Wien in May 2021.

Peter WesenAuer – Composer & Pianist
The chief conductor of the Sinfonietta da Camera Salzburg Peter WesenAuer studied conducting and composition at the Mozarteum Salzburg and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with Michael Gielen, Hans Graf and Boguslav Schäffer and attended master classes with Ennio Morricone and Luther Henderson. WesenAuer regularly works with countless orchestras, theaters and film and computer game producers in Europe and America.

Christian Sattlecker- Moving Hands

Christian Sattlecker received his training at the Ecole Jaques Lecoq and at the Ecole Pagneux/Gaulier Paris. In 1989 he founded the “Theater YBY” together with Maria Hauer and Walter Anichhofer and also works for film and television. Since 2004 he has been teaching Feldenkrais and mask play at the Thomas Bernhard Institute of the Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

Concert premiere: Saturday 1st May
WILHELM Silent Opera

The combination of music and the mime of moving hands creates a controlled change, inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s novel “Das Spiel im Morgengrauen”. The result is the production of the silent opera Wilhelm, created for the nexTus festival, which gives an insight into aspects of Schnitzler’s abyss.

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YouTube: Susanne Hehenberger

As part of the festival’s Green Mission, Susanne has chosen to complete the following task provided by Harmonic Progression: to donate strings to the Strings 4 All project.