17. April – 09. May 2021


Joana Gorenstein – Flute; Isaac Andrade – Cello; Pedro Sperandiuo – Piano
The Rhein-Trio is a new chamber music group founded by three Brazilian musicians based in Germany. Besides the standard repertoire, Rhein-Trio aims to spread Brazilian music for this formation as well as contemporary music. In 2021 the chamber music group will record their first CD, interpreting Brazilian and French music.


Concert premiere: Saturday 17th April
This fresh, unusual French-Brazilian programme explores the connections between the two countries’ musical heritages through the works of Gaubert and Mignone. Allow the flow of the audio watercolours to wash over you!

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As part of the festival’s Green Mission, Joana Gorenstein & the Rhein-Trio have chosen to complete the following task provided by Harmonic Progression: to change from Google to Ecosia.