17. April – 09. May 2021

Lumen Ensemble

Lumen Ensemble: Anastasia Kozlova – Violin; Eva Tebbe – Harp
Sometimes just a line of poetry, a natural phenomenon or work of art is enough to unleash a stream of musical associations and ideas for the composition of a program. Famous composers, newly-discovered treasures and new compositions are performed side by side. Lumen = Light. Light as a metaphor for an idea, inspiration, a eureka moment. Harp and violin. String instruments with completely different spheres of sound enter into symbiosis and test each other like good friends who dare to tell each other the truth. Unruly, delicate, frayed, lyrical, whispering and warm soundscapes unfold. A combination for whom a world of repertoire can still be discovered. For this duo this is a license to do extensive research!

Concert premiere: Sunday 9th May
Dream of Nature
Lumen Ensemble combines the radically different sound worlds of harp and violin to create a daring programme, where elements of folk melodies and nostalgia come together in an inimitable way, connecting with nature and expressing a desire for a different place and time.

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As part of the festival’s Green Mission, Lumen Ensemble have chosen to complete the following task provided by Harmonic Progression: to reach out to a colleague in need.