17. April – 09. May 2021

Ghenadie Rotari

Moldavian accordionist Ghenadie Rotari has a passion for discovering the “new” in music, but equally enjoys diving into early, baroque, jazz and tango repertoire. His concert engagements have taken him to stages and festivals on three different continents. Passionate about chamber music, Rotari performs regularly with ensembles and orchestras across Europe, bringing on stage the energy, passion and freshness with each performance, be it the music of today or written centuries ago.

Concert premiere: Saturday 8th May
Flesh – female voices of the 21st century
The programme is centered on the recent compositions of three living composers, three women who write astonishing and inspiring music. All the works are different in character and sound, from the very physical work of Saunders to the energetic work of Rotaru, connected by a shorter, more introspective work of Prokopenko. All three composers, through their work and research, strive to express themselves by innovating the way the accordion is heard and perceived by audiences, enriching its repertoire and opening up new horizons for the performers and listeners alike.

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As part of the festival’s Green Mission, Ghenadie has chosen to complete the following task provided by Harmonic Progression: to switch from Google to Ecosia.