17. April – 09. May 2021

Antonija Pacek

Native Croatian / Austrian Antonija Pacek is a neoclassical composer and pianist. Her fourth album Forever was published in 2020 by Parma Recordings, and Take Effects Reviews wrote: “Forever often carries a captivating romantic spirit and an exceptional performance that will have you hanging on every note.” To promote her second album Life Stories and her third album Il Mare, Antonija toured Italy in 2018-2019 and played in five cities, including the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and Teatro dal Verme in Milan. Her critically acclaimed debut album “Soul Colours” was published in 2014 by Autentico Music in Germany and was signed by Warner Chappell. German media wrote about her music: “female response to Ludovico Einaudi” and “beautiful as a radiant jewel”.

Concert premiere: Saturday 8th May
Save the Sea
Neo-classical composer and pianist Antonija Pacek embraces and heals with her music, choosing this programme to inspire people to take care not to pollute the sea – a source of healing for both spirit and soul.

As part of the festival’s Green Mission, Antonija has chosen to complete the following task provided by Harmonic Progression: to reach out to a colleague in need.