17. April – 09. May 2021

Antonija Pacek – Pianist & Composer

My personal green mission is to keep the Earth green, as we need it for our good health and for our next generations! My human mission is to support those in great need; thus, I volunteered to play Community support concerts at the Geriatric home Rodaun in Vienna to touch the hearts of its residents and to uplift their spirits.

Some of the residents held hands during the concerts and said that their emotions were transcended. In 2018, I also organized a charity concert for one Croatian primary school that has children with special educational needs. The purpose of the concert was to buy  their students as many communicators (from the proceeds from ticket sales) as possible, as these computer applications are the only way for some of the children there to communicate with their environment. I am Antonija Pacek, living in Vienna (with Croatian origin), composing neoclassical piano music and teaching psychology at several universities.

Concert: Save the Sea

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