17. April – 09. May 2021


  • How do I watch the concerts?
    The concerts will be embedded into secret pages on our website where, once you have bought your ticket, you will have access to the programmes, artist biographies and links to the special events for that day.

  • What are the special events?
    There will be a Zoom cafe hosted by BYOM members  opening at 5pm CET every Saturday and Sunday throughout the festival, where you can join the meeting and ask questions, or stay and mingle with other audience members.

    Our meet-the-artists Zoom events at 7pm CET where you can meet that day’s featured artists are particularly exciting!

    As a special treat, we will host several special guests each weekend at 8pm CET – a Guest of Honour Hour on Saturdays and a Round Table discussion on Sundays. These will also be hosted on Zoom.

  • Great, I’ve bought a ticket. What happens next?
    You will receive an email with links to an exclusive page where all the concerts and the special events for that day will appear. All the links will be also emailed to you again on the day of the concert with a reminder of your concert programme.
  • Will the concerts be on the website?
    Yes, the concerts will be uploaded onto the pages at 9am CET on their premiere day! You can make them “full screen”, put on  your headphones and press play!
  • What do the different tickets mean?
    A Festival pass gives you access to ALL the concerts and special events during the entire festival.

    A Weekend pass allows you to access the featured concerts and the special events on your chosen weekend of the festival.
    A Day pass will let you access the 4 (or 5) concerts and the special events of the particular day.

  • Can I watch the concerts on my phone?
    For the best audio experience, we suggest listening to the concerts through headphones, or high quality speakers.
    To visually enjoy the concerts we recommend watching on a computer, or something with a larger screen than your mobile phone.
  • What if I can’t make any of the weekends but I’d still like to come to the festival?
    You can watch any of the concerts from their launch date until 2 weeks after the end of the festival (May 22nd).
  • Can I bring my dog to the concerts?
    Yes, of course! One of the advantages of this fully online festival experience is that you can share it with your whole household, including your pets!
  • I think the festival is fantastic, how can I help fund it further?Visit our Kickstarter page here and see what extra thankyou gifts we have prepared just for you!
  • Can I bring wine?
    Audience members are encouraged to prepare any food and or beverages they like – as they can enjoy these from the comfort of their own homes! Of course there is also the café/wine bar where you can share a virtual drink with other audience members too.
  • Can I meet the artists?
    Yes! There’s a zoom meeting every day of the festival at 7pm CET where you can chat to the artists performing that day!
  • What is the dress code for attending concerts?
    Wear whatever makes you feel the happiest! But if you do turn your video on (for example at the Zoom Café) please do remember to wear something!

If you have any further questions please contact us by email or here:

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